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Paying your council tax bill

There are several methods of payment available:

  • Online payment on the first of each month at
  • Cheque on the first of each month
  • Automated phone payments on the first of each month 0345 245 0682
  • Payzone or Post Office outlets on the first of each month
  • Direct Debit payment on the 4th, 12th, 20th or 25th of each month

Council tax reduction and housing benefit enquiries

If you need help with council tax reduction or housing benefit please ring: 01454 868002.

Council tax reduction is a local scheme and exists to help those on a low income to get help to pay their council tax, so apply today if you need this help.

Council staff at our one stop shops will also be happy to help you with your claim and can offer advice on how to pay your council tax.