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Avon Fire and Rescue Service

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Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) protects the communities of Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

This service costs the average Band D household £69.28 a year – or around £1.33 a week.

This year we have increased the precept, or the amount we ask for from the average home, by a total of £1.35 a year which is a rise of less than 3p a week. Despite this rise, Avon Fire Authority’s precept remains among the lowest in the country.

We also receive around a third of our funding from central Government. The grant we receive has fallen in recent years and will continue to reduce.

As a result, savings of £5 million will need to be made over the next three years which means we will continue to implement plans to allow us to provide  a first-class emergency service with a smaller budget.

Chart showing how the precept is spent

Annual budget


Avon Fire Authority has set its net budget for 2017/18 at £42.067 million. This represents a Council Tax level of £69.28 a year for a Band D property, an increase of just below 2%.

The Government’s funding assessment for Avon Fire Authority has been cut by £1.741m (9.35%) to £16.888m for 2017/18. The impact of this is that the funding provided by central Government is reduced by £1.492m (10.7%) to £12.457m.

Spending plans

Total fire expenditure 46.154 45.060
Income -1.861 -1.938
Net budget before use of reserves 44.293 43.122
Use of reserves -1.499 -1.055
Net budget 42.794 42.067
Central Government
Revenue Support Grant 8.647 6.709
Business rate – Top-up 5.302 5.748
Local funding
Locally retained business rates 4.881 4.557
Net collection fund surplus 0.223 0.385
Council tax 23.741 24.668
Total 42.794 42.067

Capital requirements

The capital programme for 2017/18, excluding any capital expenditure within the 2016/17 capital programme that may be delayed or slipped into 2017/18, is shown below:

Premises 0.500 0.500
Investing for the Future
9.299 0.000
Vehicles and equipment 2.253 1.158
IT and communications 0.200 0.200
Total 12.252 2.288

The main changes in spending from 2016/17 to 2017/18

Main changes in net expenditure (£m)
2016/17 Budget 42.794
Inflationary pressures 0.466
Other 0.092
Use of reserves 0.444
Savings -1.179
2017/18 Budget 42.067


This year savings totalling around £1.7 million have been identified in the following areas:

Savings 2017/18 (£m)
Employees -0.904
Running costs Premises -0.055
Transport 0.000
Supplies and services 0.000
Other -0.770
Total -1.729

For further information please contact: Avon Fire & Rescue Service, A: Temple Back, Bristol, BS1 6EU T: 0117 926 2061 W: